Chrome before

Chrome after

Chrome after Chrome installed Chrome front window
Rear lights before Rear lights before Rear lights rechroming LED-Bulbs New gloss
New grill and lamps Rosto from the dash light New colored filters    
Resto from the blower Cleaning New gskets Resoldering the core Repainting
Assembling Reinstall      
Old window guides New window guides New window guides New window guides New window guides
Fit a shaker hood brace Measuring Cut out Reweld the brece Fit the hood pins
Disassembly rear axle Rear axle bofore resto Cleaning and sandblasting Powdercoating Rebuilt
Preassemble Assembling Finishing    
Transmission before resto Grinding Repaint Repaint  
Reweld quarter panels Adjust chrome moldings On the way to the painter Sealing in- and outside Polyester coat

Spray caoutchouc

Filler coat Paintjob Before clear coat With clear coat
Back to the body shop Ready for finishing Finishing It looks like a car  
Front support before resto Front suspension New brackes Powder coated suspension Hot diped K-member
Inside befor resto Repainted Caoutchouc floor New dashboard  
Interior befor resto New zinc coated parkbrake Restored airing    
Not original steeringwheel Dissassemble the steering Cleaning and repainting Resto original steeringwheel Powder coated
Roof before rosto Old wires Repaint and new wires New insulation Reassmebly the console
New audio system New wires      
Old wiper linkage Wiper befor resto New wiper motor Assembly new parts Powder coated linkage
Burnt plugs and connectors Burnt resistors Restored resistors Refurbish switchs  
Wires befor resto Restored wires and fusebox Old wires    
Car before resto After resto Stearing box repaint New engine Wedding
New headers Shaker bubble      
Old doorpanels Old and new glass seal   New door panels Door hinges powder coated
New rear panels        


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